Can I trim trees myself?

Pruning vegetation around power lines is an extremely hazardous job. Clayton Public Power discourages you from undertaking any pruning activities close to electrical equipment. If you are concerned about the growth of trees or other vegetation on or near the service lines around your house, we encourage you to contact us at 919-553-1530, and we'll be glad to check it out.

Occasionally, a property owner will make the decision to conduct trimming or removals on their own or hire a third party. Pruning trees around power lines should only be attempted by qualified professionals. Serious injuries, and even fatalities, have occurred when unqualified individuals perform this type of work without the assistance of qualified professionals. As stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) standards and ANSI Z133.1, an unqualified person should not work within 10 feet of overhead energized conductors with voltages below 50,000 volts. The distance increases with voltage for all voltages equal to or higher than 50,000 volts.

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