Downtown Clayton Aerial viewThe Town of Clayton is the fastest growing town in Johnston County. The Planning Department is the front door for all of that growth and development activity. What we do is really about quality of life. We've got it here in Clayton and plan to keep it. From major developments to working with your home improvement contractor, we're helping Clayton plan for the future.

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About Us

We're the department helping shape the future of the Town of Clayton. We perform several functions for the community. Here are some of the more prominent functions of our department:

  • Facilitating the community vision through plans, policies and programs
  • Encouraging new and expanded investment in the Town
  • Administering and enforcing development related codes and ordinances
  • Reviewing proposed development plans
  • Fostering exemplary design
  • Improving the environment
  • Planning for the physical needs of the community
  • Supporting Town activities relating to mapping and geographic data
  • Coordinating planning efforts with local, regional and state-wide agencies

The Planning Department serves a broad range of constituents, including the citizens of the Town of Clayton and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), community organizations, elected and appointed policymakers, builders, architects, property owners, tenants, and advocacy groups. All rely on the Town’s adopted Comprehensive Plan 2045 and the Unified Development Code to achieve the Town’s development goals.